Cahira O Donnell
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Chalice of Kari




Dedicated to negotiating a position for Earth within the Daguronian Coalition, Aine Callahan had trained for three years for her role as Earth Ambassador. Yet the very eve of her arrival at Astur, the capitol ruling planet of the Masian Sector, she finds herself claimed as destined mate to an oversized, mating maddened Vamp who swears he will never release her.

Lord Lance Asturan, ruling king of the Masian Sector, has waited over nine hundred years for his destined mate. As an Alpha Vamp, he is unable to relinquish Aine from the first sight of her, virtually holding her hostage until he can claim her. Yet Masians cannot survive without their mate’s love. How could he strip her of her citizenship, her ambassadorship and her freedom, and expect to win her heart?

As the Daguronian Coalition holds council, Aine and Lance's union is challenged and conspiracies abound. Plotting factions kidnap Aine, mortally wounding the Masian King as he fights to protect her. Yet, Lance will stop at nothing, raining war across the galaxy to retrieve his beloved mate and win her heart.






Chalice of Kari

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(Book 1 in The Daguronian Chronicles)

Better to Die

Exploited by the government for her psychic gifts, Kahara Mitchell has unwittingly been trained as a deadly assassin. Unwilling to be used to kill innocents, she goes AWOL until her journey ends with her dying – buried under rubble in the wake of a tsunami. At her darkest hour, Lords Rom and Rah Andor, mirror twins from another galaxy rescue her – taking her to their intergalactic fleet where they heal and court her, determined to make her their own. 

To Die For

Karinian Lords, Rom and Rah Andor are the co-ruling kings of the entire Daguronian Sector. They have waited over nine hundred years to find their destined mate. Now the two gigantic alien warriors must win Kahara’s love and willingness to bond, or die trying. Conspiracies abound to sabotage the triad union in an attempt to destroy the brothers and take down House Kari.

The Mission

The royal triad is prophesized to be the powerful force uncovering an ancient exploitive system that has driven many races to near extinction. But to do so, the protective brothers must allow their beloved mate to endanger herself as she uses her gifts fighting by their side in a war that determines the destiny of galaxies.


The Long Dark Night


Cahira's long-awaiting romantic novel The Long Dark Night (Volume 1 in The Seven Sisters Series) is now available on!

Come look inside the book, read reviews, and more.

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Cahira O’Donnell creates multifaceted characters and stories that are engaging, dynamic, believable and boldly erotic.